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Metaphysical Tip: Consulting an Intuitive Practitioner

Metaphysical Tip: Consulting an Intuitive Practitioner


Nowadays there are a multitude of people out there claiming to be ‘psychic’ or ‘intuitive’, and practicing everything from tarot to crystal scrying to talking to your guides. Many of these are genuine and provide a real and valuable service to their clients. Others can do more damage than good though and by the time you leave, you may even feel drained and less empowered than when you walked in.

So it’s useful to know what to look for when you consult someone for spiritual guidance of any kind, as well as what will help to make it a constructive session. These guidelines can apply to just about any intuitive modality: traditional mediumship, tarot, I Ching, aura reading, spiritual counselling and everything in between.

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