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Metaphysical Quote


“We arrive into this world as energy, same as stars, wildlife, wind and ocean.
Messy, raw and continuously perfect in our chaos.
Release the need to control, and instead surrender to your own natural rhythm,
as expansive, accepting and open to new circumstances and situations as air itself.
That is how you’ll thrive.”

        – Victoria Erickson


Seen at a stand at Kamers Vol Geskenke – May 2015

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Image credit:Jaroslav Dědič via Pixabay

Metaphysical Quote


How to Find Joy

How to Find Joy


Joy is something we all strive for, whether we do it consciously or not (or allow ourselves to have it, which is another story). In fact, spiritual wisdom tells us that finding joy is one of the purposes of life, which makes sense as, by nature, we’re predisposed towards things that make us feel good. And that’s certainly part of the concept of joy, although not the whole of it.

There are many definitions of joy, most of them based around the concept of happiness. On a higher level though, joy is a quality of the soul, and therefore, because we all have a soul, we all have access to joy. These are some of its ‘symptoms’:

  • Being completely present in the moment
  • A sense of being totally connected to whatever’s going on, but without any judgement of the situation, yourself or others
  • A warm feeling in your heart
  • A gentle smile on your face, which seems to well up from within
  • A sense of playfulness/lightness and yet, at the same time, profoundness, sometimes even sacredness
  • A feeling that all is right with the world

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