What are guides?

Before we incarnate, each of us puts in place working agreements with our spirit guides, whose job it is to guide, inspire and protect us through this journey of life. These beings have usually lived on earth at some time and are highly evolved. The relationship is mutually beneficial though since we never stop growing, and working with humans is part of their continuing development. They are available to us at any time, provided we are open to hearing their wisdom.

What kind of information can I expect?

When I’m doing an intuitive reading I work with my own guides, who communicate with yours to bring through the information you need. Usually I pick up on at least one of the guides working with you at the time, and sometimes people who’ve passed over or your own past lives, but my main focus tends to be on what is happening in your life now, why it’s happening and how you can work with it.

What I don’t focus on is prediction – there is too much free will choice involved (as there should be since it’s our right and responsibility as human beings) to get a definite fix on the future. If you do receive any information about the future, I’d advise you to take it as one possibility.

How does a reading work?

You can and should ask questions, and to prepare for the reading, it’s a good idea to write your questions down. I don’t look at them myself but it does help you to clarify what you want to know and your guides can then start working on giving you answers.

We begin the session by allowing space for whatever information needs to come up first. Then we move into clarifying that information and finally, working through any of your questions that haven’t come up already.

This type of session is usually an inspiring and empowering experience that opens up new ways of looking at your life, as well as giving you some spiritual tools to work with.

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The logistics

How long is a session?      1 hour
How much does it cost?    R700 (or $80 if paying by PayPal)
Where does it happen?     Either via Skype or at my home in Norfolk Park, Cape Town (near Kirstenhof)

For more information or to book a session, contact me here.


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